Wednesday, July 15, 2009

317 W Blaine, Seattle WA, 1976

Here are some photos of the gang at 317. The house is at the top of Queen Anne Hill in Seattle. It's surrounded by everything. After college, I moved in with some college friends. John Streeter, David Baker (deceased unfortunately), Dana Woodward, Brooks Burford, Bill Spaulding, and a few others. It is where I lived for the first year or 2 when I was working at Speakerlab. I finished a room for myself in the basement.

I checked out the street view on Google maps, and it looks exactly the same today as it did then.

We all drank nothing but Olympia beer since John's step father worked at the brewery in Tumwater, and saved up the bottles. We cashed in a years collection in order to buy a keg. We threw an end of the 1976 summer party, just before John Streeter left to go to Loyola Law School in LA.

We measured the success of parties by how many people "slept it off". In the morning, there were 18 people crashed all over the house.

John Streeter, Matthew Orme, Brooks Burford

John Streeter, Matthew Orme

Ray Sundstrom, who took most of the photos

John Streeter, Matthew Orme

John Streeter, William Spaulding

Brooks Burford, Matthew Orme, John Streeter

Brooks Burford, Matthew Orme, John Streeter

The Usual Suspects

My Second 1964 MGB in British Racing Green. You can barely see my first one in the Delta Tau Delta Fraternity parking lot around 1972. There is lots of room even for a tall guy like me. I wish I could buy another one today. Note that these are both MK1 (the first) versions of the MGB. Chrome Bumpers, a 3 main bearing engine, Smith Electrics, 2 x 6V batteries in series with a positive ground, wire wheels, twin SU side draft carbs, generators instead of alternators, etc. A great car, easy to work on and a lot of fun to drive. I could pull the head, get it ground, and replaced with the car running again in a day. Both cars I had were early 1964 models. Today I would look for a 1964 1/2 to 1966 model, the engine was upgraded to 5 main bearings. Anything before 1974 when pollution/safety standards mucked up the car and the chrome bumpers were replaced with ugly rubber ones. Here is a guy restoring a 1973.

More of the crew.

Empties loaded in the pick up to take to the recyclers.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Delt days at WSU

Here is what Steve Tytler, Class of '78, says about the Washington State University Epsilon Gamma chapter of Delta Tau Delta about the "Golden Age" of the 1970's. "It was called the "Golden Age because it was a time when WSU authorities literally let the students run wild on campus! There was NO attempt to enforce laws against underage drinking. We actually had kegs of beer on the front lawn of the Delt house -- right across the street from the WSU President's house -- and nobody cared! It was a great time to be in college."

I am trying to find more pix of WSU, but these are all I could find at the moment.

My boys, Michael and Alex are "legacies" and can join any chapter of Delta Tau Delta they want, if the Greek way appeals to them.

Photos courtesy of

An attempt to Study.

What every frat guy needs, a well stocked bar

My high school Sweetheart Barbara Long. The gal by which all others in my life were measured. I'm sure that she made the costumes for the Fraternity costume party. I still have some of the ties she made. Now a grade school teacher in Klamath falls Oregon, with grown kids and grand kids I think. The worst thing that happened to me was chasing her away. Probably best for her though. She wanted the white picket fence, and I wanted adventure. It would be really nice to see her again while I am still around.

My friend Bruce Eliott. We had a bar in the house called the Slipper Inn. Quarter beers for anyone in the house.

the keg