Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cancer finally caught up with me after 8 years

This is a book entitled "Thoughts to my boys Alex Orme and Mike Orme", which I am self publishing online. It will be a work in progress available for anyone to read, since I don't expect to have the time to publish it in the normal manner.

I have so much to tell my boys, and so little time to tell it.

I am writing this in early October 2008, flat on my back, unable to walk, having been diagnosed as a paraplegic. It seems that the Prostate Cancer that I have been fighting for the last 8 years has reared up its head.

On August 11, 2008, I suddenly could not move my legs. It was very sudden. I went from shaky walking to not walking in an hour or 2.

I called my ex girlfriend Mia in Santa Barbara, and she drove out to see me. She called Dr. Juli Taguchi, my oncologist, and explained what was happening. She said to get me to an ER asap, so Mia called 911, and got an ambulance to take me to West Hills Hospital.

After a Cat Scan and an MRI, I was diagnosed with a tumor on my spine. The Doctors recommend radiation to shrink it, but also gave me the option of surgery, which it was very apparent that the surgeon did not want to perform. I insisted on the surgery.

It turns out the the tumor was metastatic (cancerous), and had damaged the nerves in my spine, which is why I could not walk (or even move my left leg). Sucks for me. I will be in the hospital, and then in a nursing home for quite a while. I can wiggle my toes, so there is hope for partial recovery. I may be able to walk, but the cancer is growing still (not all of the tumor could be removed), so my prognosos is poor. That's doctor speak for "He is going to die soon"

Now, for the thrust of this book.

All of what I relate in every blog post is to be taken as my opinion, and not necessarily as fact for any lawyers reading this.

This blog will be a little bit like the movie "Life without me", since I have no other way to talk to them.

But first some background to set the stage.

Their mother has the boys, and will not let them talk to me. She took away their cellphones and strictly monitors their internet access. Even though they are 15 year old twins, she maintains strict control over them. She home schools them so that they don't call me from school.
She has been diagnosed as having "Borderline Personality Disorder" (google it), and lives in her own reality as far as I go.

I can't help but be very disappointed that the boys have not found a way to contact me in all this time.

She and her father spent over 1.5 million dollars in court to prove that I was abusing them. When the boys psychologist testified that the boys strongly denied to him that I ever abused them, they flew in an expert from Boston at the cost of $25,000 to testify that they only said that because I had had custody of them for the last couple of years.

The Judge that heard the 27 days of testimony was out of his league. He was a retired prosecutor, with no family law experience. He evaluated the case like a criminal case, and since their mother Sandra Nelson, and her father George Nelson hired a dozen experts to testify, and I was a broke father defending myself (in Pro Per), the preponderance of the evidence was in their favor. He would not let the 14 year old twins come to court to testify, but relied completely on the testimony of hired guns.

It was like Hitler invading Poland. I did not stand a chance. It was as though 20 experts testified that the rabbit was male, even though it was a female, and the judge ruled it was male because most of the experts said it was. It does not make it true. One thing you learn in the legal system is that fact and truth are not the same thing.

It's been a year now since I have seen them. My prostate cancer finally metastasized to my spine. The tumor paralyzed me from the waist down, and I could not move my legs. My first wife Rosalind Rambus went with my sister and asked Sandy (their mom) to let them come and see me before the surgery.

She told them that she needed a letter from the doctor saying that I was dying and only had a few days to live before she would let them come and see me to say good bye.

What a bitch. She destroyed my life. She sued the wonderful woman I was living with, and destroyed our relationship. I am sure that she is laughing now that I am in the hospital without my boys or the woman I love. Yes, there is evil in the world.

I am now living in a nursing home, and can't even see my teen aged boys. My condition is listed as poor. There is nothing that I want more than to see my boys and have some time with them before I die.

I am hoping that they will read this blog sometime in the future, and know that I love them very much and miss them greatly. I know that none of this is their fault. They just happened to have the bad luck to have a mother that hates their father.

I am easy to get a hold of online, if they can.
my email is

IM user names
AIM mikeandalexsdad
Yahoo mattheworme

if the above does not work

Future posts will be to them. Hopefully they will be able to read the advice that they won't be able to hear from me directly.

Mike, Alex, I love you very much, and miss having you in my life. The years that the three of us lived together were the best yeas of my life. I hope that we can spend some time together before I leave this earth.


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