Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Stories to Tell

Here is a short list of stories I want to get down in writing while I can.

Reinell 24 Sailboat
Trips to San Juans
trip to WSU in the MG
Marine Support
Lake Union Apt
Hurricane Allen, and the girl
Sofie Bravo storm
Storm off of Cape Hatteras
Galveston Tx and Marianne (girl I met)
New Bedford
hitch hiking in Mexico
Girl at Mt. High with streeter
Dutch Harbor
flight to St. Paul Island and landing
trip to Belize, and the way it ended
Barbara Long
Rosalind Pinney
St Clarens Ireland
R/C Models
Music (Records vs MP3)

Trip to Mexico with Garth
Catching the halibut
Catching the BigEye

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