Monday, June 29, 2009

Shi-Shi Beach (Point of the Arches) before becoming part of the Olympic National Park


Anonymous said...

First Speakerlab days picture

Ummm, wow - hate to tell you this, but we may be doppelgangers. That picture (red shirt) could have been me anywhere from 1972-1980. If you Facebook, search for Джин Бисли. I think my photos are public.

Ben Schroeter said...

Wow! Early stage Garth's Cabin (and Garth!) photos! I spent a lot of time there in the 1980's and the 'refined' cabin that ended up being torched by that BASTARD US Park Service fuckwad was such a wonderful and amazing was the glorious shitter 30 yards to the north. I have never taken a more beautiful dump in a more beautiful spot.

I had, at one point, done photo essays of all the cabins at Shi Shi but alas they were lost in a storage snafu many years ago. It would be nice if someone had pictures of me or the cabins that they could share - I would really dig that!

Any of you that have stories or pictures to share about Shi Shi and the critters and residents - please contact me at or and visit me on my Facebook page @