Sunday, June 21, 2009

SpeakerLab Days

I worked for SpeakerLab in the University District of Seattle from 6/1975 to 6/1979. I met one of my best friends Garth, there, and we remain good friends today. At 22, I looked pretty geeky, but after I got contacts and a hair cut, it was a bit better.

Here are a few photos

This one was taken in the house I rented with Chris Pisarcik (Gal) some time around 1977 in the University District in Seattle. It was 2 blocks from the Speakerlab store I worked in which was on the corner of NE 50th and Roosevelt Way. 816 NE 53rd St Seattle WA 98105

Around the same time in the SpeakerLab stors at the speaker re-coning dept.

Garth at the controls in the sound-room in the Lynwood store he managed.

Garth at the sales counter

Lunchtime beer in the stock room.

Me with a Pethouse Pet (promotion at the Lynwood store) around 1978/1979

Anyone with photos from this era, please email them to me.


Anonymous said...

Wow, small world. I was a big fan of Speakerlab gear, and was a frequent customer to the Lynnwood store in the late 70's. Now I am into Brushless motors for RC use.

Anonymous said...

Wow Speakerlab it must have been great fun